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You might be thinking "I’m not completely sure what Neuropathy is?"


         Neuropathy is when the Neves in the body that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord are damaged or diseased. What usually happens is the large nerves in the feet will be affected first; this will show up in the form of tingling in the toes, numbness in small spots, and/or burning in the foot. Our diagnosis of the severity of your Neuropathy is based off of the conditions you present, the cause of damage, and  how extensive the damage is to the nerves.


        Have no fear though Dr. Berthiaume is here to help control your Neuropathy and potentially help relieve the symptoms you might be feeling. This is not a treatment to reverse anything in the nerves; what we are offering is kind and friendly service to get you back to a point in your life where you can function without having the fear of falling. You might be asking yourself “Dr. Berthiaume how do you plan on doing that?” Well…With these four steps we can help promote blood flow back into the area of neuropathy and activate the nerves.


         The first step is to increase the blood flow to the body part; what the blood flow will do is help remind your body that the Neuropathy inflicted area needs to still have consistent blood and nutrients to it. With the nutrients and oxygen flooded into your muscles and nervous system  it will function better, the nerves will improve and so can  the feeling. There is two different treatments that will help promote the blood flow to the extremity, they are called LED Light and Laser Light Therapy.

           Light Therapy, which is a 500 Watt polychromatic plasma arc technology. In lame terms we will be having a big light bulb that will cover a 1.2 square feet area. This light will promote blood flow in the body part we place it on, such as with Neuropathy it is most commonly on the feet, the feet will slightly heat up and will be fueled with blood flow.

          Then there is Laser Therapy it causes photons to enter the tissue and interact with mitochondria; that promotes cellular metabolism. This cellular metabolism helps calm down inflammation in the tissues and the nerves; when inflammation isn’t in the body the pressure on the nerves is relieved so that the pinching on the muscle in the nerve is relived. With these two parts of the program we can start the relief process to the Neuropathy.


          The next steps are to activate the nerves, we have successfully pumped the nerves, muscles, and skin full of blood, cellular growth, and oxygen so what we want to do next is get those nerves fired up. The more the Nerves are used in the right way the better chance that they will re-learn how to function properly. To get this activation effect we will be using two ways that help to activate the nerves the first is we have a machine called a Re-Builder and the second is a stand on vibration machine.

          The Rebuilder is a light electric pulse that will travel up a leg, through the pelvic region and back down the other leg. What this stimulation does is activates the nerves in the foot and leg region; with both the nerves activated the body can re-learn how to fire pulses down to the feet properly.  The Rebuilder reads your peripheral nerve's signals, analyzes them, and then sends out a compensating signal.  This is one of the biggest help in helping manage the Neuropathy.

            The final process is the Vibration Plate, commonly used with Chiropractic Patients in to help control balance and teaching your muscles how to be places properly.  Advantages of whole body vibration are the same as the health benefits you enjoy when you exercise daily, such as improved blood circulation due to repeated contraction and  release of your muscles, oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood that quickly replaces blood containing waste and oxygen-depleted blood cells, enhanced elasticity and tone of skeletal muscles, and increased nerve firings that help reduce peripheral neuropathic pain.

             If your still not sure about the equipment we use or the process that happens for treating Neuropathy you can give us a call and we can help answer your questions or we do have some blog post written up on the different processes along with some pictures helping show the difference in normal and Neuropathy Nerves.